Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Iced Tea Control...

Brew fresh delicious iced tea quicker and simpler than ever before. It works with your personal blend of ingredients and loose teas as well as teabags!
Forget the rush of having to remove tea filters the moment the tea is brewed.
Just turn the lid clockwise when the tea is strong enough and the brewing process will stop. No dripping, no waiting; just enjoy nearly 2 litres of delicious ready-to-drink iced tea.

Hot Glass System

Cool Touch: The Hot Glass & Hat is the solution for everyone who wants to keep fingers cool while keeping the drink at its temperature much longer

The double wall insulates hot and cold beverages alike with yet a second effect. No more damaged surfaces or need for coasters!

Hot Design: The Tea Hat not only looks stylish but is practical. This individual tea hat keeps the heat in and can be used as a drip tray for your filter once you are ready to sit back and begin your tea drinking experience...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our goal...

We are always looking to improve and realize that you (the customer) are the best person to judge. Therefore, we have designed this blog so that we can hear your opinions from around the world.

Feel free to tell us what you like, dislike, or think we should improve in our products. We will be checking this constantly and appreciate your input.

Until the next blog!