Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Iced Tea Control...

Brew fresh delicious iced tea quicker and simpler than ever before. It works with your personal blend of ingredients and loose teas as well as teabags!
Forget the rush of having to remove tea filters the moment the tea is brewed.
Just turn the lid clockwise when the tea is strong enough and the brewing process will stop. No dripping, no waiting; just enjoy nearly 2 litres of delicious ready-to-drink iced tea.


Kari said...

Your products are great, I love it !

Claudia said...

I love Ice Tea and am always complaining to my friends how there aren't that many accessories out there but this one is great! Just fill it up, let it brew for as long as you think is enough, and drink once ice cools it down...you don't have to take the filter out untill you are good and ready. My family and I really enjoy it on hot, lazy days

Kari said...

The new Iced Tea Control offers the perfect solution - quicker and simpler you won´t be able to brew fresh delicious iced tea !

It works with your personal blend of loose teas as well as teabags.

No dripping, no waiting, just enjoy a ready-to-drink
iced tea. This iced tea maker is all you need for an open-air
summer party !

Unknown said...

Just wondering the exact type of plastic used in your filters. I can't find a number on any of the plastic parts, so it is hard to know if it is perfectly safe. Please let me know the plastic number!
thanks so much!

Your Finum Team said...

Hi Hilary!

The filters used in our Tea Control Series are made of a PA material which is high quality, long lasting, and one of the most durable on the market. Furthermore, said filters have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration(FDA)for safety and quality. Therefore, please be assured that they are perfectly safe.

Anonymous said...

Checking products on your website I spotted those beautiful cappuccino (and espresso as well) cups. Then I tried to find them on line, but in vain. Would you tell me where I can buy them online (either set or individually)? Thanks!

Your Finum Team said...


Concerning the Cappuccino & Espresso cups, we used to sell them in Europe for a limited time but, unfortunately, do not carry them anymore.
The website will be edited shortly to avoid further inconvenience.

Have a good one!