Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hot Glass System

Cool Touch: The Hot Glass & Hat is the solution for everyone who wants to keep fingers cool while keeping the drink at its temperature much longer

The double wall insulates hot and cold beverages alike with yet a second effect. No more damaged surfaces or need for coasters!

Hot Design: The Tea Hat not only looks stylish but is practical. This individual tea hat keeps the heat in and can be used as a drip tray for your filter once you are ready to sit back and begin your tea drinking experience...


Kari said...

The Finum brewing basket is a smart little plastic and gold-tone stainless-steel container that fits over a teacup and holds loose tea for brewing.

The combination of high quality plastic and stainless steel allow the user to have an aromatic enjoyable experience while the tea
hat maintains the tea warmer for a longer period of time.

The basket’s lid also functions as a little drip plate to hold the damp basket after tea is brewed.

Dishwasher safe, this filter may be used for fine teas and coffee alike.

ticris11 said...

I know its not the same one as the picture but I similar one from my aunt which I love.

Mine is also a double glass mug with the hat but without the filter. Do you still have those?

I know loose tea is supposed to taste better but I quite enjoy the one without the filter since it has a little latch for where the teabag can be held up. Also, the hat still works as a drip tray for when you are done brewing the bag.

Mary Jo Koranda said...

This looks great and I am looking for a replacement for a broken glass/infuser/cap combination but 5 oz, which is what the web page says, that is an awful small cup of tea.

Your Finum Team said...

Hey everyone,

thank you for all your feedback, this is exactly what we are looking for, input from you!

To Mary Jo: you should see our Bistro System which also offers a tea glass with individual infuser but has a 10oz capacity!

As always, thank you and keep commenting. The more you tell us what you want in tea accessories, the more we can try to make it happen.

Until next time

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me what kind of plastic is used in your tea filters? I wanted to find out if they are BPA free. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Where can I purchase (as a consumer) the Tea Kit (Tea Filters for Electric Coffee Makers)? I would like one for the #4 filter. I did not find anywhere in the US to purchase it.
Also, please do not share my email with any other companies. Thank you!